Italian Virginia Woolf Society (ItVWS)

The Italian Virginia Woolf Society aims to promote the knowledge and the study of Virginia Woolf in Italy, and specifically her figure of a woman artist, writer and intellectual who had a fundamental role in the development of women’s thought and more in general of the critical, ethical and aesthetical conscience of the XX century. We wish to get young women and young man closer to her essays, her novels and her personal writings – inexhaustible source of intellectual and spiritual nourishment – so that they could draw from a life and thought experience which might result decisive for their personal formation under many aspects. Virginia and Leonard Woolf, and the other intellectuals and artists that together with them were part of the Bloomsbury group at the beginning of XX century, faced questions of great complexity, such as equality, emancipation, war, peace, presenting us with a patrimony of ideas that our Society wishes to safeguard and spread, having as its main goal to become the reference point, both physical and virtual, for all those who wish to get closer to this experience for study, work or personal reasons.

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La stanza dei lettori

Alla splendida Biblioteca Salaborsa di Bologna quest'anno ci sarà un gruppo di lettura davvero speciale. Le nostre socie Magda Indiveri e Rosalia Ragusa hanno infatti organizzato un gruppo di lettura per leggere e riscoprire Virginia Woolf dal titolo "La stanza dei lettori". Un appuntamento al mese, un'opera di Woolf ogni mese per 12 mesi. 

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SEW International Conference 2018

Virginia Woolf and the Writing of History

Convegno Annuale SEW

La Société d'Etudes Woolfiennes organizza dall'8 al 10 novembre 2018 il proprio Convegno annuale dal titolo Virginia Woolf and the Writing of History. Si terrà all'università di Rouen ERIAC. C'è tempo fino al 30 gennaio per sottoporre una proposta, mandando un abstract da 300 parole (più breve bio-note).


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