Nadia Fusini

Nadia Fusini

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I first met Virginia Woolf when I was a teenager; I read Flush. It was a birthday present from my Aunt Margherita. I think I was eleven ... With Virginia Woolf, who is among the greatest writers of the XX century, I held the most different, intimate, respectful, jealous, possessive of relationships. For years I read her: with discretion, respecting the distance that her works, often difficult, impose. I wrote about her; I humbly commented her works ... Virginia has been my white whale; nothing to do with Moby Dick, and yet fatal, elusive. I courted her in so many ways, writing on her, translating her novels, her essays, teaching my students to read her, editing her word in that beautiful endeavour which were the two Meridiani Mondadori dedicated to her, I put her at the centre of a book which is titled after her observation, I possess my soul, in which I tell her life, and which is a homage to the immense seriousness with which Virginia Woolf dedicates herself to life. Living is a challenge, and adventure for her and her Bloomsbury friends, who faced life with such a great devotion that they changed it.

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Elisa Bolchi

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I fell in love with Virginia Woolf thanks to Jeanette Winterson, and it was love at first sight. I dedicated my PhD thesis in Literary Criticism to her, with a study on Woolf's reception in Italian literary periodicals, which I published as Il paese della bellezza. Virginia Woolf nelle riviste italiane tra le due guerre (EDUCatt, 2007). I have been temporary fellow researcher since 2013 at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan. In 2015 I published my second book dedicated to Virginia Woolf: L'indimenticabile artista. Lettere e appunti sulla storia editoriale di Virginia Woolf in Mondadori (Vita e pensiero). In 2016 I also translated and edited Bram Stoker's first novel, La via del vizio, for I Grandi Inediti series of Edizioni della Sera. 

My studies focus on Anglo-Italian literary relationships, the Victorian novel, modernist influences on postmodernist works and ecocriticism.  


Liliana Rampello

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I tought Aesthetics at Bologna University for many years, thus having the privilege of doing the thing I love most: reading and studying (and writing). I have had many books as friends, I have lived in many worlds. Of all my adventures, Virginia Woolf, who has been my travel companion for thirty years, was the most generous of discoveries: discovery of the pleasure of reading, of the joy of intelligence, of the surprise of imagination, of the thin grain of emotions. Of the irony, of the smile, of the laugh, a rainbow through which she teaches to look at life, at happiness, at pain. To her I dedicated many essays and a book (Il canto del mondo reale. Virginia Woolf, la vita nella scrittura, il Saggiatore, 2005 and 2011), I edited a collection of her essays (Voltando pagina. Saggi 1906-1941, il Saggiatore, 2011), and of her short stories (Oggetti solidi e altre prose, Racconti edizioni, 2016).

I also love Jane Austen, and that is why I wrote Sei romanzi perfetti. Su Jane Austen (il Saggiatore, 2014).


Iolanda Plescia

Socia fondatrice

L’opportunità di conoscere Virginia Woolf è stata per me inattesa e sorprendente, un sentiero sul quale non pensavo di inoltrarmi all’inizio del mio dottorato, che volevo dedicare a Shakespeare e alla lingua elisabettiana. Ma proprio grazie a Shakespeare, che mi portò a lavorare con Nadia Fusini, mi appassionai a Virginia e decisi di cambiare strada, scrivendo su di lei la mia tesi dottorale, War and the City in Virginia Woolf’s novels (2006). Dopo quell’esperienza ho dedicato a Woolf alcuni saggi, sempre incentrati sul tema della guerra e sul suo impegno intellettuale per la pace, e ho collaborato con recensioni al Woolf Studies Annual e al Virginia Woolf Miscellany.

Nel tempo è stato inevitabile per me voler tornare alla lingua inglese e ai testi della prima età moderna, e dopo aver trascorso un fecondo periodo di ricerca post-dottorale all’Università di Roma Tre, nel 2010 sono diventata ricercatrice in Lingua e traduzione inglese presso La Sapienza, dove insegno soprattutto storia della lingua inglese e traduzione. Ho di recente tradotto e curato il Troilo e Cressida shakespeariano per Feltrinelli (2015) e pubblicato la prima edizione italiana delle Lettere d’Amore di Enrico VIII ad Anna Bolena (Nutrimenti, 2013). 


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